Thursday, November 18, 2010


My week has been crazy, awesome, weird, and then crazy-awesome!
First off more news on Edward my car...
He should be getting out of the hospital tomorrow morning
and my mechanic is fixing him under warranty!
So i wont have too fork over too much money on that one.

Work has been a nut house!
We have a new stylist in the shop and she is really awesome! 
I'm excited to be working with her and I think she will mesh well with our group.
We also had a color class that was really fun but lasted forever!!
and of coarse the slew of awkward clients never fails to amuse! 

Today is my first day off work in 7 days so im playing "catch up" but failing horribly. 
My goals for today are to: 
  1. finnish my laundry. 
  2. clean my room 
  3. and decorate my new money jar :) 
i will be posting before and after pic's latter but
right now i just wanted to stop in for a quick up date.

ta ta for now!

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