Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Back!

Today was the end of daylight savings!
I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep (or the extra time at the bar
(0: )
I enjoyed my sleep even though sleep and I don't always get along.
It's a strange thing though...
I set my clock back...
and wake up in a timely manner
(and in a good mood I might add, which is rare)...
and some how I am still late for work!

But I did look super cute!

not the best photo in the world but
 i felt really cute all day :)
Black Leather Belt: $16 @ Target
Black Duster:Charlotte Russe-$10@Savers
Yellow Dress: $4 @ Savers
Black Leggings:$6 @ Target
Black Leather Boots:Nine West- $16 @ Goodwill
necklace/Earings $? @ Clare's

everything but the Jewelry was new!

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