Sunday, November 7, 2010


Weeeelllll.... I didn't finish every thing off my list from yesterday but I did...

Color Rob
yn's hair!!

I used a medium brown (5GV) and
an bright red (7RR w. a red kicker).

I fixed my mushroom shirt...

It only had one button left:(

Yes, I am shamelessly flaunting my spool tattoo.

and my maroon swede skirt!

It only lost one button though.

It took a while to decide what buttons I liked best,
so my
kitty Morris helped me out. :)

Actually, he just laid down in all the buttons...
then stared at me...

I think The buttons I found make all the colors really pop
and give it a "Penelope" quality :)

So with my newly fixed shirt, I put together a super cute outfit...

Mushroom Shirt:Handmade - Given to me,Brown Pinstriped Vest: solemio - $5 @ Savers(I think),
Blue Jeans: Mossimo supply co. - $10 @ Target,
Brown Leather Boots: classified - $16 @ Ross,
Brown Leather Belt: ...I stole it from my brother :D,Wood Leaf Earings: $0.33 @ savers.

and Then went to a friend's house and watched a movie...
what movie you ask?
one of Audrey's best performances! 

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