Thursday, November 11, 2010

My poor edward...

So, I'm driving down the highway on my way home from work and
 look down at the gage on the dash and it is showing that Edward 
(my car... named so because he sparkles and is always dead.)
 is over heating! 
I pull of to the side of the road for a few minutes flick my hazard lights on 
and head to the nearest gas station so I can see Edwards insides better.
 I get there and find that he has no coolant. 
so I go inside to but some but low and behold ... 
 I don't know what was up with that but, I don't like that place anymore. 
Regardless, I hop back into Edward and seeing 
as how target was the next closest thing 
(and it never let me down!),
 I headed that way. 
I get there, buy the coolant and go back to Edward 
but there are some creepy people hanging out close by
 (this is 9 at night mind you, in central Austin)
 so I drive around to the other end of the parking lot 
and park in front of savers. 
I give Edward the coolant and waited for him to cool off.
 Luckily I had a book to keep me from going completely mad and
 there was a really nice breeze so I hopped on Edward's hood,
 smoked a cigarette and waited some more. 
While I was waiting, one of the savers workers
 swept through the parking lot picking up the carts ...
 now, I must tell you that this guy was ... 
a very handsome... 
Aw hell! He was really freaking hot! 
I glanced up when he passed me and I smiled and he smiled back 
(I wanted to just melt). 
He went back inside and I went back to waiting. 
45 minutes to an hour passed and I call my trusty 
father to see what I should do now... 
I pop Edward's hood only to find that all the coolant
 I put in his reservoir is gone... 
my trusty father advises me to go buy more and fill it back up. 
In the mean time all the savers workers were closing up shop and 
heading to their cars to head back home 
(or where ever) but... 
by wonderful chance, 
the hot savers guy walks up to me asking if I was having car problems… 
asking what was wrong and if he could help…
he was chivalrous and offered me a ride to get more coolant. 
Despite the awfulness of my situation I couldn’t help but notice how,
 the whole time he was talking to me, he had the cutest smile beaming towards me and of course I reciprocated (^-^) 
(If this makes me superficial in any way,
 I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help it!). 
For some reason, when the ride was offered, I hear the words 
“um… well… *smile*… *advert gaze* no, I think I’ll be ok…” 
slip out of my mouth. 
He asked “…are you sure?”  
“Uh… yea, thanks.” 
“Ok… well, good luck.” 
“Thanks… bye*wave*”,
 “*smiles*… latter.” 
Then we both got into our cars
 (mine still a pain in the ass),
 we both steel a few glances… and drive off. 
As soon as I sat in Edward's seat I wanted to jump out, 
take back what I said and ask the savers hottie for the ride
(gas station, wal-mart, Walgreens… anywhere!)
 but alas, I did not.
 This indeed was the highlight of my day and what follows makes me want to cry! 
With my head now in the clouds I roll back to target get more coolant; 
give it to Edward, and head home. 
On top of what just happened, Edward also needed gas.
 So I pulled into a gas station close to my house, 
fill him up and get some more cancer sticks 
(cigarettes… I’m not proud of this habit). 
Now, when I go to turn Edward on … he stalls and starts smoking like crazy!
 The whole way home he was telling me he was fine and now… 
so close to my destination, he just up and dies! 
I called my trusty father and he came and picked me up…. 
But Edward will have to be towed in the morning and
I might have to cancel my “day off plans”…
 I really, REALLY don’t want to cancel… 
me and a friend were gonna go to savers… (^-^)