Sunday, November 21, 2010

Make that money honey!

 Ok so... when I was a lil' girl, 
I remember my mom had this awesome 
cookie jar that was shaped like a lil house.
 It was super cute but, the problem was
 it didn't have a proper seal and therefore
 the cookies would get stale and gross.
 So, my oh so crafty mother took an old jar,
 cleaned it out and with brightly colored paints and glitter, 
made a cookie jar that is to this day my favorite ever! 
A few year back I made a couple candy jars 
with the same idea, but today ...
 I make a money jar! 

For those who don't know, 
I'm a hairstylist and as such I am allowed
 to receive tips from many of my generous and adoring clients 
(note: please tip, it helps feed the poor!)
But I have this problem. 
If I keep my tips on me for any length of time... 
they disappear much quicker then I like. 
what I found that works best for me, 
is putting them into a piggy bank of sorts 
and then when it is time to go to the bank they tag along!
 Now I figure... if I’m going to have this jar 
sitting in my room it might as well be a cute one! 
So the fun began!

I took an old pickle jar...
Now, if you don't want your money to reek 
of pickles you have to bleach the jar first! 
and I started with the lid.

I took some green scrap-booking paper, 
fitted and glued  it to the face of the lid.

I finished it out with some green glitter glue!
Now, I knew I wanted to do a "money" theme,
 but didn't really know how to achieve that with out 
looking goddy and SUPER childish...

But then!
As I rummaged through my crafting supples, 

I happened across the cutest bird and flower stickers 
and it all came together!! 

For the clouds I used a round sponge
 to stippled on an off white paint 
The grass I used a light and dark green and layered the
two colors on top of each other.
To help the stickers from falling off,
 I took a clear glitter gloss and coated the whole jar.
And here is the front!!
My favorite is the glitter glue dollar signs!
It's a money tree!!
Get it?!

(I got really into this project so I only took before and after shots... but looking at how many picture I have on here already... you would have been here all day!)

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