Friday, November 26, 2010

Ok... I have a plan! (First Fat Friday!)

Alright, so I have been having a lil trouble
 thinking of things to talk about so,
 I have formed a plan!  
I have come up with topics for each day of the week! 

Suit Up Sunday!- 
My dress up day! 
What girl doesn't like to show off their wardrobe! 

Manic Monday...- 
Life isn't always smooth sailing...
 it can get a lil crazy.

Terrific Tuesday!- 
Rainbows and sunshine today...
I'll share what makes me happy!

Random Wednesday...-
Nuf said (^-^)

Throw It Out Thursday!-
My on going mission to de-clutter 
my life will now be documented!

Fat Friday!
A loving dedication to my beloved... food!

Set List Saturday!
I'll set my goals for the up coming week 
and share some music and movies 
that have caught my attention!  
Now this is just a rough plan, all things are subject to change...  but lets give it a go!


As every one knows yesterday was the 
red headed holiday,

What an approprete holiday to have right before my first Fat Friday!

Now yesterday, was filled with delicious
smells of roasting turkey
 and baking pies.
The busy work of to many cooks in the kitchen,
 and the Macy's day parade in the back ground!
When all was cooked,
the table was set and we all ate
 to our hearts content!

Then comes the day after...

Now, leftovers are kind of
like the "walk of shame" for food.
A lil cold and doesn't look quite as pretty.
But food at lest food had no choice ;)

So Today,
I will be making a thanksgiving leftover pizza!!!

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