Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today was a good day...
Even though I'm felling under the weather
(FYI- there is a 24 hour bug going around),
 I was still able to do some cooking,
stuff myself silly and
fight the turkey coma which will more then
likely give way when I'm done blogging
Now everyone has some sort of turkey day tradition
 they uphold year after year and for me....
it's a simple one.
I wake up, turn on the Macy’s day parade
and make some glorious apple pies!
This year I took it a step up though,
I made mini pies
mini cheesecakes!
 HOW YOU ASK?!?!?!
Well let me tell ya!

I started with some tiny pie tins.

These were ready made
and I like to make my own crust for apple pie 
so I emptied out the tins and saved
the graham cracker crust for something else.
(I couldn't find just the tins)
Then, I peeled and cut my apples.
Now, I like to use different types of apples
(It gives it a better flavor).
My favorite are red delicious, granny smith and gala.
I added vanilla, brown and white sugar
and tones of cinnamon.

Then I made the crust!
Flour, salt, sugar, butter flavored shortening, and ice water!
Normally, I put vanilla and cinnamon in as well but
 ... I forgot. :(

I rolled it out and fitted it to the pan
It was sooo tiny!

Then I filled and buttered it up!
To give it a more festive fall appeal 
 I cut the top crust into these fun autumn shapes!
 A leaf, an acorn, and,  wait for it .... an apple!
(An apple for an apple pie... hehe!)
After I put the top crust on I sprinkled 
just a pinch of cinnamon and sugar on top.
I Cooked it for 30 to 40 minutes 
and out came my beautiful pies!

(these are still uncooked, I didn't get a picture of the finished pie... they looked like this only a purdy golden brown ^-^ )


Now, this was the first time I had ever made a cheesecake
But luckily I had a pro backing me up with this one... Mom! ^-^

I started with 8oz of cream cheese,
mixed in some vanilla and sugar,
blended it together, then "folded"
in about a full tub of cool whip. 

Now for cheesecake, graham cracker
crust really is the best thing ever, so ...
 I cheated and used the ready made crust .
(I know! I cheated! I'm not proud! But hey, 
they were 2 for 3 bucks and oh so cute!!)

 I filled my tins...

Then toped it with strawberry love ^-^ ...
and you can't forget the cool whip!
you chill it in the fridge and there you go!! 
A simple yet, super fun cheesecake!
I hope everyone else had a good day as well!
  Hope you all gave thanks,
got super stuffed, 
had good conversations with friends and family,
broke your diets with all the delicious treats
and repeated that as many times
 as your stomach would allow!! 

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