Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deep breath... Now, go!

For all of life's disappointments,
the little things that fall
Tedious tasks that never get finished,
all the things we are too
 scared to try,
Trips never taken,
the parties never
and all the
 Unfinished new years resolutions...
It's time to
 Carpe diem!
No matter what life throws our Way,
lets Make the best of what we have,
 find a treasure Every day,
put a smile on someones face if only for a Second,
Face the things that scare us,
finish what should have been Long ago,
plan for the future But live in the moment,
and live with Passion!

This blog is going to be a Collage,
of All the things i love and hate,
It will have no Limits,
Know no bounds.
it will be my Relaxing challenge,
Go from leather to lace and
be a beautiful Contradiction...
life it's self!

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