Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HeHe... Random Wednesday...

I have no idea where this picture came from ...
 but it amuses me. <(^-^)>

And now,
poem called...


Behind this smiling mask,
hides a dark and stormy sea.
A place of bitter soft wind
 and salt water tears.
These black and deadly waves
spin me violently about, 
until all hope has washed ashore,
Exhausted and abandoned,
I'm crying out in tired rage,
but alas, no one will hear me.
These deep and endless echoes
of a slowly dieing heart,
are lost with in the busy bustle 

of what they say is life.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Terrific Tuesday! (I Love My Friends)

After an EXTREMELY upsetting Sunday,
 my wonderful friends came and kidnapped me today!
 They saved me from a day of self loathing
and it was completely random, yet perfect timing! 
It just so happened that when they showed up at my house
I had JUST finished getting dressed (makeup included).

Har-money got most of her Christmas shopping done today
 but whats Christmas shopping if you don 't
look a lil for your self too?!?!
I think hopey-G got all of her's done today!
she also added to her Christmas list!

I was just along for the ride :)
Thanks guys!
 Love you bunches!

and on top of being kidnapped...
I get homemade chicken and dumplings for dinner!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

life lessons...

Don't drink and drive...  Just don't do it ok.  
Due to this very rude awakening,
I have beed detoured form my blogging for a while.
I hope to get in the swing of things 
in the next few days or so but until then
... have fun, but don't drink and drive. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Ok... I have a plan! (First Fat Friday!)

Alright, so I have been having a lil trouble
 thinking of things to talk about so,
 I have formed a plan!  
I have come up with topics for each day of the week! 

Suit Up Sunday!- 
My dress up day! 
What girl doesn't like to show off their wardrobe! 

Manic Monday...- 
Life isn't always smooth sailing...
 it can get a lil crazy.

Terrific Tuesday!- 
Rainbows and sunshine today...
I'll share what makes me happy!

Random Wednesday...-
Nuf said (^-^)

Throw It Out Thursday!-
My on going mission to de-clutter 
my life will now be documented!

Fat Friday!
A loving dedication to my beloved... food!

Set List Saturday!
I'll set my goals for the up coming week 
and share some music and movies 
that have caught my attention!  
Now this is just a rough plan, all things are subject to change...  but lets give it a go!


As every one knows yesterday was the 
red headed holiday,

What an approprete holiday to have right before my first Fat Friday!

Now yesterday, was filled with delicious
smells of roasting turkey
 and baking pies.
The busy work of to many cooks in the kitchen,
 and the Macy's day parade in the back ground!
When all was cooked,
the table was set and we all ate
 to our hearts content!

Then comes the day after...

Now, leftovers are kind of
like the "walk of shame" for food.
A lil cold and doesn't look quite as pretty.
But food at lest food had no choice ;)

So Today,
I will be making a thanksgiving leftover pizza!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today was a good day...
Even though I'm felling under the weather
(FYI- there is a 24 hour bug going around),
 I was still able to do some cooking,
stuff myself silly and
fight the turkey coma which will more then
likely give way when I'm done blogging
Now everyone has some sort of turkey day tradition
 they uphold year after year and for me....
it's a simple one.
I wake up, turn on the Macy’s day parade
and make some glorious apple pies!
This year I took it a step up though,
I made mini pies
mini cheesecakes!
 HOW YOU ASK?!?!?!
Well let me tell ya!

I started with some tiny pie tins.

These were ready made
and I like to make my own crust for apple pie 
so I emptied out the tins and saved
the graham cracker crust for something else.
(I couldn't find just the tins)
Then, I peeled and cut my apples.
Now, I like to use different types of apples
(It gives it a better flavor).
My favorite are red delicious, granny smith and gala.
I added vanilla, brown and white sugar
and tones of cinnamon.

Then I made the crust!
Flour, salt, sugar, butter flavored shortening, and ice water!
Normally, I put vanilla and cinnamon in as well but
 ... I forgot. :(

I rolled it out and fitted it to the pan
It was sooo tiny!

Then I filled and buttered it up!
To give it a more festive fall appeal 
 I cut the top crust into these fun autumn shapes!
 A leaf, an acorn, and,  wait for it .... an apple!
(An apple for an apple pie... hehe!)
After I put the top crust on I sprinkled 
just a pinch of cinnamon and sugar on top.
I Cooked it for 30 to 40 minutes 
and out came my beautiful pies!

(these are still uncooked, I didn't get a picture of the finished pie... they looked like this only a purdy golden brown ^-^ )


Now, this was the first time I had ever made a cheesecake
But luckily I had a pro backing me up with this one... Mom! ^-^

I started with 8oz of cream cheese,
mixed in some vanilla and sugar,
blended it together, then "folded"
in about a full tub of cool whip. 

Now for cheesecake, graham cracker
crust really is the best thing ever, so ...
 I cheated and used the ready made crust .
(I know! I cheated! I'm not proud! But hey, 
they were 2 for 3 bucks and oh so cute!!)

 I filled my tins...

Then toped it with strawberry love ^-^ ...
and you can't forget the cool whip!
you chill it in the fridge and there you go!! 
A simple yet, super fun cheesecake!
I hope everyone else had a good day as well!
  Hope you all gave thanks,
got super stuffed, 
had good conversations with friends and family,
broke your diets with all the delicious treats
and repeated that as many times
 as your stomach would allow!! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Make that money honey!

 Ok so... when I was a lil' girl, 
I remember my mom had this awesome 
cookie jar that was shaped like a lil house.
 It was super cute but, the problem was
 it didn't have a proper seal and therefore
 the cookies would get stale and gross.
 So, my oh so crafty mother took an old jar,
 cleaned it out and with brightly colored paints and glitter, 
made a cookie jar that is to this day my favorite ever! 
A few year back I made a couple candy jars 
with the same idea, but today ...
 I make a money jar! 

For those who don't know, 
I'm a hairstylist and as such I am allowed
 to receive tips from many of my generous and adoring clients 
(note: please tip, it helps feed the poor!)
But I have this problem. 
If I keep my tips on me for any length of time... 
they disappear much quicker then I like. 
what I found that works best for me, 
is putting them into a piggy bank of sorts 
and then when it is time to go to the bank they tag along!
 Now I figure... if I’m going to have this jar 
sitting in my room it might as well be a cute one! 
So the fun began!

I took an old pickle jar...
Now, if you don't want your money to reek 
of pickles you have to bleach the jar first! 
and I started with the lid.

I took some green scrap-booking paper, 
fitted and glued  it to the face of the lid.

I finished it out with some green glitter glue!
Now, I knew I wanted to do a "money" theme,
 but didn't really know how to achieve that with out 
looking goddy and SUPER childish...

But then!
As I rummaged through my crafting supples, 

I happened across the cutest bird and flower stickers 
and it all came together!! 

For the clouds I used a round sponge
 to stippled on an off white paint 
The grass I used a light and dark green and layered the
two colors on top of each other.
To help the stickers from falling off,
 I took a clear glitter gloss and coated the whole jar.
And here is the front!!
My favorite is the glitter glue dollar signs!
It's a money tree!!
Get it?!

(I got really into this project so I only took before and after shots... but looking at how many picture I have on here already... you would have been here all day!)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


My week has been crazy, awesome, weird, and then crazy-awesome!
First off more news on Edward my car...
He should be getting out of the hospital tomorrow morning
and my mechanic is fixing him under warranty!
So i wont have too fork over too much money on that one.

Work has been a nut house!
We have a new stylist in the shop and she is really awesome! 
I'm excited to be working with her and I think she will mesh well with our group.
We also had a color class that was really fun but lasted forever!!
and of coarse the slew of awkward clients never fails to amuse! 

Today is my first day off work in 7 days so im playing "catch up" but failing horribly. 
My goals for today are to: 
  1. finnish my laundry. 
  2. clean my room 
  3. and decorate my new money jar :) 
i will be posting before and after pic's latter but
right now i just wanted to stop in for a quick up date.

ta ta for now!

Friday, November 12, 2010


I love this picture!!!!
 I want to have a rainbow bright party!!!
Have everyone completely pimped out,
Go down town for an 80's night somewhere,
 and just be awesome!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My poor edward...

So, I'm driving down the highway on my way home from work and
 look down at the gage on the dash and it is showing that Edward 
(my car... named so because he sparkles and is always dead.)
 is over heating! 
I pull of to the side of the road for a few minutes flick my hazard lights on 
and head to the nearest gas station so I can see Edwards insides better.
 I get there and find that he has no coolant. 
so I go inside to but some but low and behold ... 
 I don't know what was up with that but, I don't like that place anymore. 
Regardless, I hop back into Edward and seeing 
as how target was the next closest thing 
(and it never let me down!),
 I headed that way. 
I get there, buy the coolant and go back to Edward 
but there are some creepy people hanging out close by
 (this is 9 at night mind you, in central Austin)
 so I drive around to the other end of the parking lot 
and park in front of savers. 
I give Edward the coolant and waited for him to cool off.
 Luckily I had a book to keep me from going completely mad and
 there was a really nice breeze so I hopped on Edward's hood,
 smoked a cigarette and waited some more. 
While I was waiting, one of the savers workers
 swept through the parking lot picking up the carts ...
 now, I must tell you that this guy was ... 
a very handsome... 
Aw hell! He was really freaking hot! 
I glanced up when he passed me and I smiled and he smiled back 
(I wanted to just melt). 
He went back inside and I went back to waiting. 
45 minutes to an hour passed and I call my trusty 
father to see what I should do now... 
I pop Edward's hood only to find that all the coolant
 I put in his reservoir is gone... 
my trusty father advises me to go buy more and fill it back up. 
In the mean time all the savers workers were closing up shop and 
heading to their cars to head back home 
(or where ever) but... 
by wonderful chance, 
the hot savers guy walks up to me asking if I was having car problems… 
asking what was wrong and if he could help…
he was chivalrous and offered me a ride to get more coolant. 
Despite the awfulness of my situation I couldn’t help but notice how,
 the whole time he was talking to me, he had the cutest smile beaming towards me and of course I reciprocated (^-^) 
(If this makes me superficial in any way,
 I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help it!). 
For some reason, when the ride was offered, I hear the words 
“um… well… *smile*… *advert gaze* no, I think I’ll be ok…” 
slip out of my mouth. 
He asked “…are you sure?”  
“Uh… yea, thanks.” 
“Ok… well, good luck.” 
“Thanks… bye*wave*”,
 “*smiles*… latter.” 
Then we both got into our cars
 (mine still a pain in the ass),
 we both steel a few glances… and drive off. 
As soon as I sat in Edward's seat I wanted to jump out, 
take back what I said and ask the savers hottie for the ride
(gas station, wal-mart, Walgreens… anywhere!)
 but alas, I did not.
 This indeed was the highlight of my day and what follows makes me want to cry! 
With my head now in the clouds I roll back to target get more coolant; 
give it to Edward, and head home. 
On top of what just happened, Edward also needed gas.
 So I pulled into a gas station close to my house, 
fill him up and get some more cancer sticks 
(cigarettes… I’m not proud of this habit). 
Now, when I go to turn Edward on … he stalls and starts smoking like crazy!
 The whole way home he was telling me he was fine and now… 
so close to my destination, he just up and dies! 
I called my trusty father and he came and picked me up…. 
But Edward will have to be towed in the morning and
I might have to cancel my “day off plans”…
 I really, REALLY don’t want to cancel… 
me and a friend were gonna go to savers… (^-^)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Back!

Today was the end of daylight savings!
I hope everyone enjoyed their extra hour of sleep (or the extra time at the bar
(0: )
I enjoyed my sleep even though sleep and I don't always get along.
It's a strange thing though...
I set my clock back...
and wake up in a timely manner
(and in a good mood I might add, which is rare)...
and some how I am still late for work!

But I did look super cute!

not the best photo in the world but
 i felt really cute all day :)
Black Leather Belt: $16 @ Target
Black Duster:Charlotte Russe-$10@Savers
Yellow Dress: $4 @ Savers
Black Leggings:$6 @ Target
Black Leather Boots:Nine West- $16 @ Goodwill
necklace/Earings $? @ Clare's

everything but the Jewelry was new!


Weeeelllll.... I didn't finish every thing off my list from yesterday but I did...

Color Rob
yn's hair!!

I used a medium brown (5GV) and
an bright red (7RR w. a red kicker).

I fixed my mushroom shirt...

It only had one button left:(

Yes, I am shamelessly flaunting my spool tattoo.

and my maroon swede skirt!

It only lost one button though.

It took a while to decide what buttons I liked best,
so my
kitty Morris helped me out. :)

Actually, he just laid down in all the buttons...
then stared at me...

I think The buttons I found make all the colors really pop
and give it a "Penelope" quality :)

So with my newly fixed shirt, I put together a super cute outfit...

Mushroom Shirt:Handmade - Given to me,Brown Pinstriped Vest: solemio - $5 @ Savers(I think),
Blue Jeans: Mossimo supply co. - $10 @ Target,
Brown Leather Boots: classified - $16 @ Ross,
Brown Leather Belt: ...I stole it from my brother :D,Wood Leaf Earings: $0.33 @ savers.

and Then went to a friend's house and watched a movie...
what movie you ask?
one of Audrey's best performances!